Creating a Canopy of Continuous Praise and Intercession – one worshipper at a time…

July 1, 2008

Please join us:  Creating a canopy of continuous praise, worship and intercession over the Denver-metro area

Location: wherever you are, and are inviting the Presence of the Lord to be: home, work, commuting – wherever…

Time: Choose an hour, one day a week, you can commit to (weekly for at least 3 months),  December  2008 through February 2009, go to the Schedule page and leave a comment indicating your choice.  And while we pray you are actively pursuing a 24/7 lifestyle of worship, we also, like David, have the “appointed times” so we can watch the covering of worship be increased, and we can all contribute to His praise 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Why:  You’re a worshipper.  God is calling you to it and there is no place you would rather be than in His presence.  You’re worshipping anyway, right?  Well, this way-you become part of something publicly: people saying “Together, we will worship our welcome to God in the Colorado region.  Come, Lord-we invite You to walk among us…”


You’re invited: We’re inviting people from all over our region to take an hour a week, (or more) to worship in their homes, or on lunch breaks, or in parks, etc.  It’s a personal thing, yet you know that you’re a part of a bigger movement.

Here is how Dave Powers, founder and president of Worship and the Word Movement, explains what he got in prayer:
Over  a year ago, while I was praying, I saw a picture of my left hand holding a common salt shaker. I was pouring the salt into my right palm until there was a mound in my hand. I drew my hand back and threw the salt all over the Denver-metro area. When the grains of salt landed, one grain at a time began to rise up and glow with light. Then another and another and another. Then I panned out and saw a canopy of Jesus-focused, Word-based worship covering the metro area. When one got done in Littleton, another was rising in Aurora, and when that one got done another was rising in Northglenn…and on…and on…

THE TENT – Denver:
it’s personal – your hour of praise and worship and devotion to God weekly right where you are, your own song of adoration to Him.
it’s corporate – people from all over the metro-area covering all 168 hours of each week in worship, in unity to invite the Lord to be welcomed here.  As one person’s song begins to fade, another is rising up in praise, continuously, an ongoing chorus or worship and unceasing prayer.

Spend one worship-focused hour in “Tent time” each week:

  • Worship with the Word of God. Get your Bible out and make this time all about Him and the glory of His name.  Sing a new song to the Lord!
  • Sign up on the schedule page
  • Stop by the Write About It page and tell us what God is showing you during your times of worship as you join with God to establish His kingdom on the earth.  Tell us how YOU spend an hour worshipping God.
  • Invite other worshipers to become part of creating the continuous canopy of praise and intercession through The Tent-Denver.  Invite people in your sphere of influence…
  • 168 hours each week – all covered in worship and intercession.


Check it out!  The Tent is up in Longmont! .  If you’d like to become a “Tent-raiser” in your church or community, contact